Sunday, 22 May 2011

“Zucchini Cake?? WTF?!?”

Sooo, I know when you heard I made a Courgette Cake, the above was your response. It would have been mine too if I had not attempted it! Seriously, this cake is to DIE for, but don’t die because you have still yet to try the cake! Seriously though, how weird does that sound? Courgettes are those Minnie cucumber look alike vegetables that go in pastas and HotPots (I didn’t even know what a HotPot was until it became my cousin Fazila's speciality) and other savoury dishes…

Once my friend told me to try making a courgette curry. She said it’s the easiest and tastiest curry. I took her word for it, because I thought one can’t lie so blatantly about food can they? So the very next day I went out and purchased the biggest Courgette I could lay my hands on, and cooked the curry like she asked me to. Dare I say, it was the first and last time a Courgette Curry shall be cooked in my household. I decided courgettes should be left to the Italians, Indians should stick to Okras and Karelas (Karelas are actually one of my favourite vegetables, cooked with tamarind and Jaggury Gor, yum yum in my tum! My cousin Sabina’s mother in-law makes it the best!)

Zucchini, otherwise known as Courgette, is one of the lowest calorie vegetables on this planet. So I thought, if I created a cake out of it, the cake would be virtually fat free!? So I produced a pretty simple yet affective recipe, crossed my fingers and hoped to hell it would work. Funny enough, someone up there was undeniably on my side, because boyyy did it work….

When out of the oven, the cake smelt divine, seriously lip smackingly good! I created a Greek Yoghurt Butter Cream frosting, which is amazingly smooth and creamy by the way. When I did eventually cut myself a slice of my cake, I locked myself in a room and devoured the sensations of it. The specs of green amongst the dark brown sponge looked emeraldly fairytale like, and the crunchy texture of the whole walnuts…mmm Blew my mind away, I need a slice NOW NOW NOW! It’s unbelievable that the cakes made out of Zucchini! (Yes I know, I still can’t get over it!)

I must confess, it’s become one of my favourite cakes in a very short space of time. Be daring and try? An 8 inch Zucchini Cake for £25.00. I can assure you, it will be one of the most successful investments you make for your taste buds!xxx

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  1. Never thought i'd be having A zucchini cake in my lifetym.. Gotta try to knoww!! Keep the Innovation goin Bakeress :D